ORGANIZERS: Municipality of  Chania, Chania Chess Academy
CO - ORGANIZERS: Region of Chania, Greek Chess Federation
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Spiridakis Ioannis - Naoum Giorgos.
MAIN ARBITER: Karali Tania

TOURNAMENT VENUE: Arsenali KAM (Old town Chania) . Due to the special conditions because of COVID-19, there will be specially formed spaces both in the exterior, and the interior of the school.
MODE: 9 rounds, Swiss System.
FIDE title norms are possible!
TIMETABLE: Registration confirmations until 11:00 a.m. Monday 25 April 2022. Paring for the first round 15.00 p.m. Monday 25 April 2022  
Opening Ceremony Monday 25 April 2022, starting at 16:30
Closing Ceremony   Sunday  01 May 2022,  starting at 16:30

Round 1


25 April


Round 2


26 April


Round 3


26 April


Round 4


27 April


Round 5


28 April


Round 6


28 April


Round 7


29 April


Round 8


30 April


Round 9


01 May


Attention! Any player who arrives more than one hour after the scheduled start of a round shall lose the game by forfeit 
A player can take exceptions of half point  until round 5. The player should inform the chief arbiter before the pairings for the next round.
TIME CONTROL: 90 min for 40 moves + 15 min for all game + 30sec per move from the first move.

ENTRY FEE: for the Open will be inversely related to grade:
Free - Players with ELO up 2300 + titled players (GM, WGM, IM)
30 € for players with ELO 2200-2299,
30 € for players under 12 years old,
30 € for veteran players > 60 years old
40 € for all the other players

1).        The result between the two players
2).        Buchholz
3).        Median Buchholz
4).        Sonnenborn-Berger

ATTENTION! The Medical Health Protocol for Chess Tournaments will be followed, as posted on the relevant website of the General Secretariat for Sports. That applies from now on for all types of chess tournaments. To read it click here:

ATTENTION! We clarify to all the players that the Athletics Health Care Protocol will be applied. This protocol applies to all chess games, and has been approved and published by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
According to this protocol, the players should do the molecular test (RT-PCR), or the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) within the 48 hours before the start of the tournament. The players have the option of conducting the Self-Diagnostic test (self-test) within the 24 hours before the start of the tournament. This test would cover the games of three 24hours of the tournament. In the case of tournaments that last for more than 3 24hours, it is necessary to conduct an additional test.
From the test are exempt those who have a vaccination certification, or a certification of having gone through COVID-19, which is published within the 30 days after the illness, and lasts for 180 days after. Without the test, or the alternative of the certifications, competing in tournaments will not be possible.
You can download the special form you fill out for the Self test
Special dedicated for the tournament doctor: Spyros Naoum

PRIZES: Total Prize Fund 2.600 Euro


Special prizes

1st  Winner: 1.000 €

1st under 16 (Boys+girls):cup

2nd  Winner: 600 €

1st under 14 (Boys+girls):cup

3rd  Winner: 400 €

1st under 12 (Boys + girls):cup


1st under 10  (Boys + girls):cup

1st Woman: 300 €

1st Veteran +60 years old: cup

2nd Woman: 200 €

2nd – 3rd each category: medal

3rd  Woman: 100 €



* For equally matched players, the prices will be shared by the Hort system (50% of the prices are shared equally and the other 50% are shared according the tie breaks)   
* If a player wins two Special categories prices, he takes the bigger one

RESIDENCE AND HOTEL INFORMATION: For the room reservations you can visit the official web site of

REGISTRATION: Please fill in the Registration form and send it to the following e-mail:
chaniachessacademy @, anelia @
For more information you can call:
Tsarouha Anelia +30 6974811469 or Koukouraki Elisavet +30 6977545304 
Participants must pay the entry fee tax (with the name of the player) into the following bank account:
National Bank of Greece  - account number 494/296016-82,
IBAN GR4801104940000049429601682, BIC (SWIFT Code) - ETHNGRAA
Account owner – Chania Chess Academy

Please, send your entry fee deposit bank paper receiption with your name, scanned by e-mail
Terminal date of deposit is since 30th of April. After 30th of June, there will be a 5 € increment in entry fees.


( minus 100 ELO units for women due to FIDE Rating)

2600 +

8 days (7 nights) residence in single room

Full Board

2500 – 2599

8 days (7 nights) residence in double room

Full Board

2450 - 2499

8 days (7 nights) residence in double room


Attention! The hospital conditions are available for limited number of players and there will be a strict priority list!

Download the Schedule in Word